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No Worries

How to live a stress-free financial life


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A no B.S. approach that challenges the world of personal finance revealing how to build wealth and become financially free without sweating the small stuff, from a 20-year market veteran and finance expert.

“An independent thinker with a unique voice.”—Gregory Zuckerman, New York Times Bestselling Author

Would you rather be ultra rich, or financially free? Does managing personal finances have to be overwhelming? Can saving for retirement or paying off debt get easier?

While millions of people grapple with their financial situation, Jared dispels the belief that worry and stress must be a part of the journey to financial freedom.

The truth is, a healthy relationship with money means you should buy what you want without thinking about it. And a stress-free financial life happens by getting the big decisions right: the house right, the car right, the student loans right—the rest takes care of itself.

“The new gold standard for personal finance literature.”

John MauldinFounding partner, Mauldin Economics

“Skillfully takes us down an alternative pathway to getting what we want—wealth without astonishing feats, security without trade-offs.”

Joshua M. BrownStar of CNBC’s The Halftime Report, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

“Among the crowd chorus of sameness on wall street there are a few voices that stand out. Jared Dillian is one such voice.”

Charles PayneHost, Making Money with Charles Payne

“An actionable step-by-step plan to de-stress your financial life.”

Jim O’ShaughnessyAuthor, What Works on Wall Street, and Founder, O’Shaughnessy Ventures LLC

“learn to get the big decisions right, and live a stress-free life.”

Meb FaberFounder, Cambria Investment Management

“This is the best personal finance book I have ever read and the only one you need.”

Brent DonnellyAuthor, Alpha Trader and The Art of Currency Trading

No Worries is a simple set of principles to deal with daily financial decisions that gives you peace of mind and true financial freedom.

This is not about millions of tiny decisions that drain the joy from life, like skipping daily coffee to save a few bucks. Contrary to popular belief, the cure to financial stress isn’t more money. It comes down to how you structure your financial affairs, and your attitudes towards money that will determine your level of financial freedom.

In No Worries, readers will discover:

  • Why a healthy relationship with money means you should buy what you want without thinking about it.

  • How to use money as a tool, without letting it dominate or control you.

  • Why being cheap, clipping coupons, constantly thinking about where to cut costs and how to budget isn’t happiness, and won’t make you wealthy.

  • How to structure your savings and investments to pay off your debt faster, no matter how much you owe.

  • A simple set-and-forget portfolio that gives you access to reliable, consistent, and wealth-building returns in any market.

The goal is to help you live a stress-free financial life and build wealth for the long term. With a little guidance, you’ll get to the point where you don’t even think about money—ever.

About Jared

Jared routinely traded over $1 billion a day at one of the biggest banks on Wall Street. He’s been a regular contributor to Bloomberg View, Forbes, and has appeared on MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, The New York Times, LA Times, Business Insider, and dozens of local and syndicated radio programs.

Tens of thousands of people pay to read his opinions about money and the markets.

Today, after he helps people get their finances straight, he helps them invest.